Your company vehicle is likely to be one of your business’s largest assets. Therefore, it is essential to make sure that you invest wisely and choose the right van to suit your business needs. A company van needs to tick a lot of boxes, so you must consider exactly what your business needs from a vehicle before you start to shop around. Here are some of the factors to think about to ensure that you purchase the perfect commercial vehicle for your company:

New or Used?

Buying a shiny new vehicle is always exciting, but depreciation can soon take the shine right off of your new purchase. To avoid the perils of depreciation, a nearly new van is a great choice. To choose the right used van to suit your needs, it is advisable to browse a selection of them so that you can compare them properly. Paying a visit to a specialist van showroom, such as Manchester Van Sales, is a great way to weigh up your options and see a wide range of vans in person.


Size matters when it comes to choosing a commercial vehicle. If you only have a small amount of equipment to carry around, or you aren’t expecting to need to carry large loads, a short wheel base van may be the right option for you. If a SWB van just won’t cut it, and you need something larger, you will find an extensive range of medium and long wheel base vans on the market right now. Panel vans such as the Ford Transit and Volkswagen Transporter are, of course, an ever-popular choice of van, with many custom options available to buy if you want something a little more unique.


One of the biggest influences on your choice of commercial van is likely to be your budget. Working out how much you can realistically afford to spend is best done before you start shopping around . That way, you can refine your search according to match your budget. If you are planning to buy the van via finance, don’t forget to make sure that the monthly payments are affordable for your business. 

Along with the cost of buying the van itself, don’t forget to think about running costs too. Fuel efficiency is typically better on smaller vans, so if a smaller van can match your needs, and you want to keep running costs to a minimum, you may want to choose a smaller van over a larger one. 

Insurance and vehicle tax are also important considerations to keep in mind. Comparing insurance groups for vehicles that you are interested in can help you to compare costs, and the same applies to road tax too.

Make the Right Impression

As well as all the practical considerations involved in choosing a commercial vehicle, don’t forget that the vehicle will also represent your business. Think about what the van you drive says about your business, and whether it makes the right impression of your company.

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