VW Camper Van

Volkswagen is the king of camper vans. If you want a reliable model that is roomy enough for a long road trip or a weekend away, you’ll instantly think of a VW. They are popular to the point that iconic makes are worth up to £90k in some circles.

The problem that faces you is the amount of choice – there’s too much to consider. VW has a plethora of camper vans on offer, but each one has different features and specs. 

The last thing you want to do is to overpay or use it for something it wasn’t intended for, so you should continue reading.

Budget Camper

There’s no doubt that money is going to play a part in your decision. If it isn’t, you don’t need any advice because you can purchase any campervan you want! With some VWs commanding a massive price, the smart move is to opt for an older model. The VW T4 is a fantastic choice since it’s a hybrid version. Although it’s great for kitting out with travelling amenities, it was also adopted by construction workers, so it’s brand isn’t as exclusive as the T2. T4s are no longer in production, so you can only buy them secondhand to lower the cost.

Blank Slate

It’s worth pointing out that not all campervans are fully-equipped. That is to say, they might have a kitchen and a bed, but they don’t have everything that you require. In this case, it’s essential to convert a van into your dream camper to get what you want. The VW Crafter is the perfect option for converters as it’s a mid-sized van with a removable bulkhead. Once you easily pop it out, you’ll have loads of space to install and add the non-negotiable features.

Easier Rider

VWs are notorious for two things: reliability and the ride. Pretty much every VW camper or van should last for a couple of years if you are savvy when you buy it and treat it correctly. However, not all of them are comfortable and easy to drive. Therefore, the best thing to do is to decide whether you prefer a manual or automatic before signing on the dotted line. One of the 7 things you should not do with VW Caravelle is buy it to change it to a manual gearbox, as it ruins the ride quality.  A T2, on the other hand, is only suitable for a traditional gearbox as it was manufactured years ago. If you’re not comfortable changing gears all the time, you should avoid it.


Of course, you shouldn’t ignore the VW T2 if you’re searching for a campervan that has an iconic design. When it comes to campers, the T2 is the notorious model that graces movies, adverts, and children’s cartoons. The shape is tough to replicate, as are the dimensions, so you’ll struggle to convert another VW into the T2 style. They are more expensive, but you can’t account for quality. It’s not as if it’ll break down any time soon!

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