The debate over whether you should buy a new or a used car will rage on forever. Car Write Ups itself has recently discussed the benefits of both. If you want to read more, please follow the link. 

However, what the post didn’t mention is that you can mix the pros of a brand spanking motor with a second-hand shed. And, not only is it doable, but it’s the option that may finally put an end to the discussion. 

Yes, a new, used vehicle is the solution that you’ve been searching for all this time! Here are four reasons why.

Cheap & Cheerful

Two features that stand out straight away are the cost and the performance. The latter is incredibly high, while the former is relatively low. And, it’s because the vehicle has had one or two previous owners. Sure, so it’s not straight off the dealer’s forecourt, but does that matter? Some cars that are less than ten years old will struggle to do more than 30,000 miles. These engines could still be as tight as a drum, meaning maintenance issues should be few and far between. Plus, you’re looking at a massive price cut. This NerdWallet post calculates it at over £100,000 in a lifetime. Wow!

Comprehensive Warranties

Yes, if you choose the right make and model, the chances of being sold an old banger that will barely get you from A to B are slim to zero. Still, it’s nice to have peace of mind in case the worst happens and you’re left with an investment that’s hemorrhaging money. Specialist sellers, such as Emerald House of Cars, have your back. Not only can you purchase a pretty extensive warranty, but there are also finance deals that make buying a vehicle a lot more accessible. So, there’s no reason to fret about having the wool pulled over your eyes.

Vehicle History

A shiny motor is something that everybody dreams of owning one day. Yet, if you think about it, the dream is vainer than anything else. After all, you can’t be sure how it will perform until you’ve been behind the wheel for a spin. Let’s face it – new doesn’t guarantee quality. The great thing about a second-hand car that is still young is that it has a history. You can check whether it has broken down, and use the information to make an informed decision. Considering the scale of the purchase, you shouldn’t take unnecessary risks on the unknown.


After reading this post, you will probably assume that new, used cars are hard to come across. They sound mythical, like a unicorn! But, they aren’t because most dealerships in the UK specialise in selling these types of cars. Therefore, they are easy to find and the amount of competition means you can strike an excellent bargain with a handful of haggling tips. Money Advice Service recommends doing your research in advance and using it to leverage sellers against one another.

Are you in the market for a new car? Will you go for one that’s both new and used?

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