Most cars that were used before the pandemic have been sitting in garages for months. This, along with business shutdowns, restrictions, and a stifling economy, has prompted some people to sell their car or downsize their fleet. Others may be thinking about trading their larger motor for a smaller vehicle. While you may be pondering selling your car, other people want to purchase one to avoid using public transport. Therefore, this is a good time to sell.


If you’re thinking about putting your car up for sale, you have several options to consider, including trading in the ride, selling your set of wheels to a friend, or selling it to a used car retailer. Regardless of the option you choose, it would be best if you first determined the value of your car. Some of the critical factors that will help you determine its worth are the year of manufacture, brand, model, overall condition, and mileage.

After determining your car’s value, the next thing you should do is decide how you will flog it. This will mainly depend on the time available to sell your car. Do you just want to get rid of your car quickly for a fair price? Do you want to make a career out of selling cars? You’re more likely to get the most money if you sell your car to a private party.


If you want to sell your motor quickly and for the most money, start by looking at the following infographic by Jamjar. It includes the various car features that can help you better understand your vehicle and include the actual car features on your car listing. Check it out below.

Infographic designed by Jamjar

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