For a lot of people, the prospect of giving up their four wheels for two wheels is unthinkable. Their cars are their pride and joy and no matter how cool motorcycle riders can sometimes look, they wouldn’t want to ditch their cars and make the switch.

But then there are those people who might consider a change. They might be fed up with sitting in long lines of traffic while motorcycle riders pass by with ease. Or they might be lured into the possibility after seeing Tom Cruise showcasing his biker cool in some of the Mission: Impossible movies. 

Perhaps you’re sat on the proverbial fence about the possibility yourself? 

So, should you replace your driving gloves with motorcycle gloves and make the change? Here are some of the reasons why you might. 

1: There are physical health benefits

We should all do more to care for our physical health, and while riding a bike isn’t a substitute for proper exercise, there are still physical health benefits. As can be seen in the linked article, you can improve your core strength, build muscles in your knees and thighs, and burn off more calories when riding a motorcycle, so you will become healthier. The same can’t be said about driving a car, as you barely work out any body parts when you’re sat within the confines of your vehicle. 

2: There are mental health benefits too

Being outdoors in the fresh air can work wonders for your mental health, so this is another reason to consider motorcycle riding. With the wind in your face and a clearer view of the scenery around you, you will experience all the benefits of being outdoors. While you could try to replicate the same experience by winding your windows down in the car, you know that it won’t quite be the same. Being in the car can also be quite stressful, especially when stuck in traffic, so this is another reason why motorcycle riding could be better for your mental health. 

3: There are cost advantages

No matter what type of vehicle you use, there will be an expense. Fuel, insurance, tax, and maintenance are just a few of the expenses you will have to put up with. However, in some instances, riding a motorcycle can be cheaper. They are usually less expensive to buy for one thing, and there is often better fuel mileage, too. This last point is especially useful when planning a motorcycle trip. Motorcycles are also easier to maintain because there are fewer parts to consider. 

Admittedly, insurance can sometimes be higher for motorcycle riders because of the safety risks associated with bike riding. However, in most other regards, riding a motorcycle could be more cost-effective. Take travelling as a good example, companies that offer motorbike transport melbourne way, or wherever you are based, have good deals when it comes to needing to get your bike to another location without riding it. 

4: Motorcycles are easier to park

Do you have trouble parking in tight spaces? Do you spend an age driving around town trying to find a parking spot? Both issues are incredibly frustrating but these can be alleviated when you opt for a motorcycle. As they are smaller than cars, parking is much less of an issue. You can easily fit a bike in between two cars and as such, there should be fewer problems finding parking spots. 

On the flip side…

We have highlighted just a few of the benefits of motorcycles over cars, but there are reasons why you might not want to let go of your four wheels.

If you need to transport your family around, a motorcycle isn’t the way to go. Sure, you could incorporate a sidecar and have one person on the pillion seat, but this isn’t practical if you have more than two people to transport around town. 

Cars have greater luggage capacity too so if you need to transport a lot of goods around with you, a motorcycle won’t be that feasible. 

And then there is safety to consider. More motorbike users die on the road every year than car drivers according to research highlighted at Auto Express, so this is something worth considering. Of course, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t rule out motorcycle riding, as you will reduce the risk of an accident if you adhere to safety rules. As you do in your car, sticking to the Highway Code and avoiding distractions will do much to ensure your survivability. Still, keep safety in mind when considering letting go of your car.

Should you ditch your car for a motorcycle?

Well, it’s up to you. There are certainly advantages in choosing a motorcycle over a car, but then again, there are a few disadvantages. Think about your personal situation when coming to a decision and do what is right for you. Or have one of each if you have the budget to do so, as you will then experience the best of both worlds!



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