Car insurance is essential to buy; not only to protect one of our most expensive purchases, but by law to cover us in case of an accident involving a third party. The cost of it can vary considerably, with many cars placed in high insurance groups because of their performance levels or desirability to thieves. So, it’s necessary to shop around to look for the most competitive premiums, unless we are to pay over the odds for the protection. This article will consider three ways in which we can find those cheaper premiums, allowing for more spare money to tax our vehicle and buy extra fuel for more trips out. Learn to get cheap rates by following these possible avenues:


Comparison sites are a quick and easy way to compare the differences between insurance premiums and the cover offered. You can make a direct comparison in terms of the compulsory excesses added on to keep your premium down. Sometimes there are offers and free gifts given when you take out a policy. So, these can be factored into the benefits you receive. A tip is to not necessarily choose the company at the top of the list, but look further down to ones that might be offering more cover or lower excesses for not much more premium to pay.

With online cover obtainable, certificates and policy documents can be printed off rather than having to wait for documents that get you started to arrive in the post. If you change your car in a hurry, you can have peace of mind that your new purchase is covered straight away, whether it is kept on the driveway, or inside a garage for a lower premium. The idea of insurance is that you can be put back into the same position that you were in financially before the unfortunate incident.

There are also websites that offer strategies that allow you to find the best insurance prices. The car insurance market is particularly competitive, and the more strategies you can have at your disposal, the better.

Insurance Brokers

Using an insurance broker instead of contacting an insurance company directly does not generally cost more. The insurance policy is obtained for the same price, and the broker receives a commission for selling the policy to you on behalf of the insurance company. Insurance brokers can make additional money through their admin charges if you change your vehicle frequently. In addition, make sure that you want the legal protection they are likely to add on as an extra, and that the additional breakdown cover you might be paying for is not something that you already have covered elsewhere. It is easy to duplicate.

To gain your business, insurance brokers will do their best to find you the best deal, whether you are dealing with them online, face-to-face, or over the telephone. Why? Because they don’t just want you as new business; they want to keep you past renewal, with the promise that they will always find you the best price available to them. They can take care of the switching of companies for a better premium on your behalf.

Customer Loyalty

Surprisingly, customer loyalty does not guarantee a cheaper premium with car insurance, in fact quite the opposite. It is the new customers that are being given the discounts as an incentive to switch their insurance policies. So, it’s important to shop around and use every facility available to you in doing that.

So, there you go – three ways to reduce your car insurance premium. Online allows you to compare prices easily and read about strategies from websites to obtain a cheaper premium. Insurance brokers offer a range of premiums (as the online comparison sites do, although not quite so many), and it’s always worth thinking about whether being loyal to a particular insurance company is getting you the best deal. Generally, with car insurance, you’ll need to move your car insurance annually to obtain the best price. Particularly when you have reached your maximum no claims bonus and the only way for the premium to go is up, with insurance companies applying their own kind of inflation and your premium ending up being based on the claims that others have had during the previous year.

For some ideas on what to look out for with car insurance, follow the link.

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