Given the cost of petrol these days, fuel economy is definitely a major factor when buying a car. Of course, even though some vehicles are designed to be more efficient than others, it’s still a situation where any penny counts.

Anything that can be done to make fuel last longer should be embraced. So, you’ll want to consider these four tips the next time you go for a drive.

Lessen The Weight

Excess weight in your car will always be more of a hindrance than a help. There are obviously situations when you need to have items readily available, such as spare tyres. However, if you’ve got into the habit of leaving your roof box on or keeping tools in the boot, you may want to change that.

Drivers still have a long way to go to meet fuel consumption expectations for 2030, so any way you can reduce your usage is essential. As convenient as it may be to have these things around, unless you’re using them, you really don’t need them weighing down your car.

Be Consistent With Maintenance

If you’re not a fan of giving your car an MOT, that may change when you realise the impact this can have on fuel economy.

As it turns out, when cars get serviced, their efficiency typically increases because they don’t have a poorly tuned engine or deflated tyres. These might seem like minor issues, but if they affect how much fuel you use, you’ll want to ensure they’re dealt with regularly. That’s why it’s important to get an MOT annually, as well as checking your car over frequently to identify any issues.

Consider Riding A Motorcycle

If you really want to boost your fuel economy, it might be worth adding a motorcycle to your garage. You might be opposed to this suggestion if you’re a car aficionado. However, the compact design of motorcycles means they use less fuel and don’t require quite so much effort to move, making them easier on the wallet.

As one of the premier motorcycle dealers in London, Suzuki has plenty of amazing vehicles that should match your need for speed. If you’re apprehensive about getting a motorcycle, you can always buy one of their used ones, so you don’t have to pay full price for your new commitment. Their range of new bikes may well catch your eye though, so don’t count them out before you’ve had a look.

If you’re new to riding a motorcycle, it’s advisable to get lessons. MTS Sussex offers some excellent motorbike lessons at affordable prices. Before starting, you’ll receive a free assessment to help you choose the right type of lessons. Packages include test fees and you can even take both modules on the same day. If you want to stay safe while riding a motorcycle, it’s important to get the right training.

Be Prepared On Your Journeys

One of the reasons that cars can waste fuel is that they get stuck in traffic jams. These delays are so commonplace that drivers require nearly a third extra travel time during rush hour in some UK cities. Sometimes, these delays are unavoidable, but usually, you can prepare for such a situation.

If you know somewhere that often gets busy at a certain time of day, or you have advanced notice of roadworks, try to plan a new route before leaving your home. This may make your journey longer, which you’d assume would be bad for fuel economy. However, if it saves you from sitting in traffic for half an hour, it’ll do a world of good for your petrol tank.

Fuel will always be one of those major expenses that makes it costly to be a driver. However, with these tweaks, it is possible to make your fuel last longer, which should save you some money – even if just a little bit.

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