Ah, the good old road-trip. There’s almost nothing more liberating. Sure, maybe hiking over fields gives you a sense of adventure, but driving – or riding – and exploring as you go is a pretty awesome thing to do.

Of course, Covid and its associated lockdowns have left these kind of auto adventures wanting in recent times.

But there’s nothing to stop you thinking about road-trips now and taking on board practical considerations when it comes to long-haul motoring. So, here are some tips that will come in handy for you when you’re allowed to go on that much longed-for auto holiday.

The Starting Point

It’s important to consider the ‘starting point’ of your journey. Meeting up at a particular spot, like a public car park, can help you connect with any travelling companions, check over your vehicles (if you’re going in convoy), and move on from there. However, it might also be that you wish to start off in more scenic surroundings. Beginning your trip from the coast might involve taking the time to compare rates to move a motorcycle so that you can begin with a pristine and cared for model. It’s also important to consider how you’ll return a rented vehicle – if you can’t or don’t want to use your own car or bike.

Vehicle Maintenance

Vehicle maintenance is important to consider when long-distance cruising. Planning which fuel stations to stop off at is vital, particularly if you’re riding a specialist motorcycle. There may only be a few places that can cater to you, so planning your travels within that specific vicinity can be helpful. Maintenance may also require you to bring along a pack of simple parts or tools, perhaps to replenish the oil or to fix a punctured tyre. Road-trips are definitely fun experiences, but they’re also marathons. Make sure your vehicle is equipped for them, whether that’s with enough oil, or even something like RV internet to help you all stay connected whilst you are on the road.

Backup Alternatives

It can be important to ensure a few backup alternatives for your road-trip in case things go south. This might involve ensuring you know you can book a room in every town you pass in case you’re prevented from travelling further. Calling ahead to see if campsites or stop-off points have the facilities you need is essential, too. And while a road-trip is all about adventure, reading accommodation reviews will prevent any nasty surprises. 

With this advice, we hope you end up having an amazing post-lockdown road-trip, whether that’s on two or four wheels!

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