MINI Cooper Hatch

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If the used car marketplace wasn’t already popular enough, it’s sure to hit even greater heights in the post-COVID19 era. When seeking a sporty compact hatchback, the Mini Hatch stands out as one of the best on the market. 

Here are just five reasons to love the Mini Hatch and all it has to offer.

It’s Iconic

Buying a car should fill you with immense pride and excitement. When choosing the used marketplace, you do lose that distinct instant excitement that a new vehicle offers. However, a Mini Cooper Hatch compensates for this in style due to its iconic status. MINI is a brand that has appeared in many films and pop culture reference points. Meanwhile, its family of vehicles often appear on driver wish lists and best car shortlists. You can also choose one of the instantly recognisable colours for an even greater impact. When you love the car, driving is far better.

It Performs

The Mini Cooper Hatch is a car that many associate with Italy and Great Britain, but it’s actually manufactured by BMW. Therefore, the engines like the 1.5l Cooper D can provide excellent reliability for many more years to come. Even if the car already has 50-100,000 miles on the clock. The nippy handling, good acceleration, and responsive suspensions are praised by pros and drivers too. When you want a sporty hatchback that is actually fun to drive, as well as practical, the used Mini Cooper Hatch is ideal.

It’s Affordable

Financial motives are among the main incentives for choosing any used vehicle. Any Mini Cooper Hatch from the third generation (2013 onwards) should provide great value for money. You can pick up a 2015 1.5l diesel model for under £7k, which ensures you get a lot for your money. Visit to find out more about deals on various Cooper Hatch models. You will naturally need to test drive the vehicle and check the features on offer. Still, any Mini that suits your needs and is in good health can work wonders.

It Suits Modern Life

When driving away from the dealership in a used car, you need to have confidence in your purchase. This is another reason to opt for the Mini Cooper Hatch. The supermini sport compact is perfect for city life, particularly for getting into tight spaces, and won’t break the bank to run. Given that spare parts are easily located and easy to fit, either through a mechanic or personal endeavours, you can’t go wrong. Unless you have the need for a huge boot space, either the three-door or five-door variant can serve you well.

It’s Designed For Comfort

Despite lacking boot space, the Mini Cooper Hatchback is surprisingly big in the cabin. In fact, you can see how big by visiting There are many configurations that you will find on the used marketplace. Meanwhile, many of them can be adapted and modernised through add-ons and tech features. Whether it’s updating the infotainment system or choosing racing seats, your love for the vehicle never dies.

So, if you’re looking for a used car in the rest of 2020 or beyond, the Mini Cooper Hatch is certainly one to consider.


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