THE PHRASE “Small Is Beautiful” is often used to champion small technologies that are believed to empower people more, in contrast with phrases such as “bigger is better”.

The all-new ŠKODA Citigo is a perfect example of this idiom and marks the start of a new era in the Czech based motor manufacturer’s 117-year history. It’s also the first model to wear ŠKODA’s revised ‘winged arrow’ corporate badge.

The company, a subsidiary of Volkswagen and positioned as the entry brand to the group, is very proud of the Citigo because it’s ŠKODA’s first ever city car and is set to expand the brand’s value-for-money appeal to a new type of customer.

The newcomer is aimed at younger drivers, families who need a second car and older motorists with an active lifestyle. As a parent of two small children, I can vouch for the ‘young family’ market. In the week I drove the Citigo Elegance 1.0 MPI Greentech three door version I tended to stick to the places it was meant for – urban surroundings. I found it great for whizzing from home to the shops and, being big enough to fit my kids in the back, it’s an ideal school-run vehicle.

My wife, who’s a lot smaller than me, enjoyed driving the ŠKODA far more than I did; the driving position was just too compact for my stocky frame. That said, the Citigo is fine for what it is and, in some respects, it seems to weave magic. For example, how on earth the tiny car’s boot swallowed a family of four’s weekly shop as well as a toddler’s buggy I’ll never know.

Looks-wise the small ŠKODA is unadorned, yet it has a charismatic design; in fact many people asked me about it – so it obviously ignites curiosity. But, looks aside, what really sells this car is its outstanding around-town manoeuvrability. It also sets high standards in environmental considerations and technical sophistication.

The 1.0-litre three-cylinder petrol engine under the bonnet of my test car had a power output of just 59 bhp. This is a tiny amount of pull, yet the Citigo can reach 100 mph, albeit not very quickly. Its 0-62 mph time is a very slow 14.4 seconds and this makes it feel sluggish on motorways stretches. However, the GreenTech fuel-saving technologies, which were fitted to my car, include stop/start and brake energy recuperation. This means the tiny hatchback sips, rather than swigs petrol and can return up to 68.9 mpg.

The cabin of the ŠKODA is robust and, in top ‘Elegance’ trim, I can see it coping well with wear and tear – especially if subjected to a few years of little sticky hands and tiny feet. One particular interior highlight is the Personal Infotainment Device, a dashboard-mounted touch-screen technology providing Bluetooth, sat-nav, and trip data. It’s very handy and can be removed just like a shop-bought sat-nav.

Prices for the Citigo line-up begin at just £7,630 for the entry level ‘S’ trim three-door model, with five-door cars only another £350.


  • Ideal school-run car √
  • Spacious boot √
  • Robust interior √
  • Economical √
  • Compact driving position X


  • Max speed: 100 mph
  • 0-62 mph: 14.4 secs
  • Combined mpg: 68.9
  • Engine: 999 cc 3 cylinder 12 valve petrol
  • Max. power (bhp): 59 at 5000-6000 rpm
  • Max. torque (lb/ft): 70 at 3000-4300 rpm
  • CO2: 96 g/km
  • Price: £9,470 on the road
Watch the Video: Andreas Mikkelsen drives the new Škoda Citigo



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By Tim Barnes-Clay, Motoring Journalist,

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