As a vehicle owner, there is every chance you don’t go to a mechanic until your car is making that horrible clunky noise. You know the one – it’s the one that you can’t ignore because it’s getting louder every time you rev the engine. Usually this is due to the cost and while you may pay for car insurance, you won’t always be covered in the event of something going wrong with your car. 

So, it makes sense that you would want to get to know how to spot the signs that something’s going wrong. If you’re having regular car trouble that requires you to get new car parts, then you may need a mechanic to step in and help. You might try to fix the problem yourself with car related YouTube videos, and while it’s good practice to do certain things, there are some jobs with your car that require the expertise and special tools of a mechanic. If you’re having car trouble, take a look at the warning signs below indicating that you need to go above and beyond just heading to the garage and take your car to see an expert mechanic.

  • Your steering or suspension are causing the issues. If your steering feels loose or it vibrates scarily when you’re driving, then the chances are high that you’re having trouble with the actual steering. It’s right now that you do need to see an experienced mechanic because you don’t want to end up in a dangerous situation that could have been avoided. If the car is veering to one side when you are braking or accelerating, this could be an issue with your suspension and if you don’t fix it in time it could put you in a lot of trouble on the highway.
  • You’re seeing the steam come out of the bonnet. It’s a common problem that people just don’t take it seriously. If you are seeing steam coming up the bonnet of your car, you need to let it settle down before you drive off. An overheated engine can be very risky, and driving in a car that keeps pumping steam out from under the bonnet can put you in a dangerous situation. You should always visit an experienced mechanic if you find yourself in this situation, no matter what colour the steam may be.
  • The noises are getting worse. Cars make noise, and that’s not a secret. But if you are noticing disturbances or strange noises while you are driving, such as grinding or clunking or squeaking, then you need to go and see a mechanic to uncover the reason behind it. Having your car checked over by a mechanic who knows exactly what they’re looking for is important. So, don’t take it for granted that they are available. 

If you want to extend the life of your car or you notice any of the above issues, the best thing you can do is book your car into a mechanic today. 

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