Ah, the Great British road trip: breathtaking countryside views, endless rounds of “I Spy”, and… the occasional unplanned pit stop.

Yep, we’re talking about that moment when your trusty steed (read: car) decides it’s had enough and leaves you stranded on the side of the motorway.

But before you start lamenting the end of your journey, chin up! Here’s your trusty guide on how to stay safe when you’re in a tight spot.

1. Hazard Lights: Your New Best Mate

First things first, slap on those hazard lights. It’s basically the car language for “Oi, something’s up over here!” It alerts other drivers and makes you visible, especially during that typical British rain or fog.

2. Park Smartly, Park Safely

Always try to move your vehicle to the left side of the road, preferably in a lay-by or an emergency refuge area if you have had a problem. If you’re on the motorway, get onto the hard shoulder, well clear of the main carriageway and you will be much safer for doing so.

3. Exit with Care

Sounds simple, but when getting out of your car, you must always remember to use the door facing away from traffic. This isn’t a game of dodgems, after all.

4. Stand Away!

While you might want to stay close to your beloved, now stationary, vehicle, it’s safer to stand away from it. Position yourself behind the safety barrier if there’s one. And if you’re feeling peckish for a snack from the boot, resist the urge – stay clear of your car!

5. Dial-a-Hero

Ring up your breakdown service (BreakdownCover.co.uk), or if you’re really in a pickle and don’t have one, dial 999. They’ve got the know-how and will get to you ASAP, so you can get the car sorted and get to safety sooner, rather than later.

6. Keep the Reflective Jacket Handy

You know that hi-vis jacket you chucked in the back and thought you’d never use? Now’s its time to shine (quite literally). Don it with pride – being seen is being safe, so even if it’s not exactly an Armani suit, you should not be embarrassed to put it on.

7. Stay Inside During Bad Weather

If it’s bucketing down, it might be safer to stay inside your car until help arrives. But remember, only if you’re well away from the traffic. No one fancies a surprise splash from a passing lorry.

8. Stay Calm

Panicking won’t help, so take a few deep breaths, ring for help, and wait patiently. If you’re struggling to stay calm, then calling a friend and having them talk you down might be a good idea.

9. Avoid Repairs on the Motorway

No matter how tempting it is to showcase your inner mechanic, avoid attempting repairs on the side of the road, especially on a busy motorway. Leave it to the pros.

A roadside pickle isn’t the end of the world – or your journey. With a splash of common sense and a sprinkle of caution, you can ensure you’re safe and sound, ready to carry on once help arrives.

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