Falling into the hands of an enforcer for violating traffic rules and road regulations is worrisome. Aside from the hassle it brings, you can also face charges and pay the penalties for the law infraction you made.

Motorcycle riders are not exempt from this street occurrence. There are times that they feel so relaxed and forget the rules of the road and driving. Obeyance with the law is like driving your motorcycle without any hurdle. And it is a responsibility to remember at all times not to let yourself be a subject of apprehension by complying with the road protocols.

Keep essential documents in your pocket

Riding a motorcycle free from apprehension is possible if you have the necessary documents proving ownership of your motor vehicle and the authority that allows you to drive.

The best proof of ownership to bring is the registration document. Unfortunately, some fail to secure this paper for two reasons: they are unaware of the implications of not having one, or the dealer failed to process the instrument. Good thing there are motorcycle dealers who are aware of their responsibility to hand the registration documents to clients, like the motorcycle dealers in Essex. They know that a good purchase means providing their sellers with the complete manifest of the motorcycle sold.

On the other hand, a license issued by the agency regulating driving and licensing is solid proof you are an authorised driver. Apprehenders want to see this card if they suspect you committed a traffic violation. In the absence of such, you may find yourself suspended to drive, or worse, behind bars.

Always wear safety gear

Most territories require riders to wear safety gear. The reason behind this regulation is for shield and comfort while the motorcyclist is on the road. Also, this protective gear protects riders from catastrophic injury an accident may cause.

Based on the Motorcycle Safety Foundation’s Basic Rider’s Course, a rider and passenger must wear a helmet, protective eye covering, shoes with nonslip soles, pants, jacket, and gloves. Surely, an enforcer would be happy to let you pass than to see and apprehend you without complete rider’s gear.

Ride with a conditioned motorcycle

Motorcycle maintenance is key to keeping it in shape and sound for running. It will put you at peace knowing that all parts of your motorcycle are working well. Regular conditioning also helps you avoid situations that can lead to your apprehension.

It will give you a clear path if you regularly check on these motorcycle parts: tyres, engine oil, air filter, clutch adjustments, battery, brakes, filter, engine, and transmission system. You may also factor in your riding speed if it does cause engine difficulty and have it checked if you sense a problem in its performance.

A motorcycle ride, even if risky, is a satisfying experience. With this guide, you can now explore more places without the fear of being apprehended.

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