If you own a valuable car and you’re moving or participating in car shows or races, you probably want to protect your vehicle by ensuring that it is appropriately transported in the vehicle adapted for this purpose.

You may have seen one of thoseย car transporter trailer trucks that carry a car, several cars, or motorcycles in a neat pile. They are perfect for securely transporting a vehicle from point A to point B.

Benefits of shipping your car

Using a car shipping service provides you with the safest option if you are travelling a long distance with your car, especially if it will take a few days to reach your destination.

A car transporter will ensure that your car will arrive safely. Their service contracts provide you with safety guarantees and insurance. Whatever your reason is for transporting your vehicle, using a car transport service will release you from the burden of driving long distances for days. You know very well that driving continuously for several hours and doing it for a few days can increase fatigue, which is one of the causes of road accidents.

Types of car transport

You have two options for transporting your car. Either you choose an enclosed car transport or opt for the open car type. Keep in mind that each one has its pros and cons.

Open car transport

This option refers to a hauler truck with an uncovered trailer, which is cheaper because the truck can carry more cars in one trip. The demand for open car transport is higher; thus, they offer more options regarding timing and locations.

The disadvantage is that the cars are exposed to the elements. Hence, your vehicle may have some damage from birds, insects, dust, snow, or rain. Therefore, the company will require you and the truck driver to inspect your car before and after the journey. The drivers of open car transport trucks take all the necessary precautions to ensure that your vehicle will arrive safely and without damage to your chosen location. However, you may have some misgivings if you are transporting a luxury or vintage car.

Enclosed car transport

If your car is valuable, your best option is to choose an enclosed car transport. The trailer truck can only hold four to five vehicles, so it is less efficient. But they offer you better protection. Enclosed car transport is less common, but you can be sure that there will be no scratches, debris, bird droppings and other things sticking on your car. Your vehicle is likewise protected from the elements.

Although more expensive, the enclosed trailer offers discretion, which is particularly important if you have a vintage, luxury, or custom car. Even if the driver stops and rests, your vehicle will be safe from prying eyes.

Aside from the basic knowledge about car transport services, make sure that you clean, take photos, and inspect your car before and after the trip to make it easier to spot any damage. Likewise, ensure that the company has adequate insurance. Another thing to remember is that you should lessen the weight of your car, leaving just enough fuel to drive your car to the exhibition hall, showroom, or the next point of your destination.


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