The winter months are nearly here, so now is the time to think about modifying our cars to function at their best and, more importantly, last through the colder months. Even the most up-to-date motors sometimes struggle to keep up with the severe weather that we occasionally encounter. Take a look at these suggestions on how to prepare your vehicle for the winter so that you aren’t left stranded without a form of transport!

Winter boots

We’ve all been there: a spectacular snow storm descends overnight, leaving us scrambling to dig our cars out in time for work the next day. As if that weren’t difficult enough, we then have to navigate through the snow. You’ve probably got a pair of winter boots at home for this situation right? Do the same with your car! Motorists in snowy climates equip their tyres with snow chains to improve their grip and avoid any potentially dangerous incidents.

Stock up on fuel

In light of the recent fuel crisis, it might be a good idea to (slowly) begin stocking up on fuel. The last thing you want during a cold snap is to venture out to get fuel for a long drive, especially if you’re in an emergency situation. But don’t worry, you can buy red diesel drums to store your fuel safely – and they’ll give you peace of mind for the winter months.

Turn up the heat

As you may be aware, our winters are becoming increasingly colder, and it’s critical to keep yourself (and your loved ones) warm and comfortable! It would be a sensible investment to upgrade your heating system in your car so that you can quickly warm up, de-ice the windows, and get on your way. 


Waiting for your windows to defrost takes enough time, but if your windscreen freezes over, it can take considerably longer to get going, causing you to be late for work or the school run. Stock up on antifreeze and scrapers so you can swiftly clear your windscreen and get back on the road.

Tuck her in at night

Finally, tucking your car in at night with a cover on your windscreen is a fantastic technique to avoid the need for (as much) antifreeze. A basic bed sheet will suffice, but if you want to keep your car looking nice over the winter, you can always invest in a windscreen cover. Simply remove it, hang it to dry, and it should be ready to protect your car for another night!

These simple tips will help you keep your car in good shape over the winter months, as well as make life easier for yourself!

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