Some car owners think they are stuck with what they have bought. However, because automobiles are an assemblage of different components, they can often be modified significantly or used more precisely.

If you’re savvy enough, you could quite possibly overhaul your entire driving experience. Why not feel as if you’re driving a new car for what is, sometimes, a fraction of the cost of buying a new one? Moreover, you can simply adopt a few choice behaviours on the road to make everything easier on your vehicle.

It’s also worth noting that many people missed their cars during the lockdown periods. As a new era seemingly starts to dawn in a post-pandemic society, now may be the perfect time to enter a brand-new phase of car ownership, too. As your lifestyle begins to get better, perhaps your car’s performance can fittingly improve alongside?

Therefore, here are some innovative ways to improve your car’s performance today.

Improving Your Driving Skills

The best way to innovate is through learning. If you’d rather not know what it takes to become a fully qualified car manufacturer or engineer, then you can tune up your driving skills instead.

Many people have driven a lot less after the events of the last few years. Perhaps a refresher course could help a great deal? After all, how you handle your car can have a significant effect on its performance. For example, you should consider that:

  • The harder you drive, the worse it can be on your car – Smoothness and moderation are crucial. Brake smoothly to minimise wear and tear on your brake pads. Avoid potholes and go over speedbumps gently.
  • Revving your engine is costly – It may seem like a bit of fun, but revving your engine when you’re stationary will also spur on wear and tear. It will also waste fuel and thus your money.
  • If you keep altering your speed, you can consume more fuel – Stick to the speed limits and stay calm behind the wheel.
  • Longer trips in your car are essential – It can clear your engine from carbon and sulphur deposits. If they are left to build up, a rotted exhaust can develop. Smaller trips will mean that your car gets a good workout of sorts.
  • You shouldn’t let your fuel go down too much – If your fuel tank is depleted, sediment and gunk from the tank’s lining will go into your engine. Try to keep your fuel tank at least a quarter full to avoid this issue.

These tips may not seem innovative at first, but road users can easily forget them. After all, many drivers can be stubborn or even aggressive on the road. A refresher lesson may reintroduce you to these basic principles. Make sure you adhere to them for as long as you’re a driver, too.

Electric Vehicle Conversion

The idea of trading in the car you love for an electric vehicle you dislike is probably quite distressing. However, the good news is that you may never have to experience this situation.

Fortunately, there is a growing demand for electric vehicle conversions, as many people clamour to upgrade their regular cars into new eco-friendly versions. Costs can tally high here, especially for the owners of expensive classic cars, but you can expect the expense to lessen somewhat alongside the lowering manufacturing costs of electric vehicles. Still, the technology to replace engines with batteries does exist.

Of course, the decision to go electric is entirely optional. Petrol and diesel vehicles are unlikely to be forced off the road, even though they will no longer be made by many manufacturers or sold by many dealers in the coming years. Still, going electric could help you get ahead of the curve and do your part to combat emissions.

Carbon Engine Cleaning

If you’re not ready to forsake your engine for a few years, don’t worry. You can still do your bit to combat emissions with your vehicle!

Companies like Engine Carbon Detox provide a thorough DPF cleaning service. The specialist cleaning technology decreases soot emissions from your engine. Use this friendly and fully insured service for free quotes and quick access to low emission grants. They’re a mobile service, too, so they can come to you in your time of need.

Of course, much about your car’s performance can be attributed to the engine. A DPF cleaning service reduces damaging carbon buildup in your vehicle as well. Rust and leaks will be prevented, allowing a smooth driving experience.

Change Your Tyres

Cars can have varying specifications and aren’t always built for travel anywhere and everywhere. However, if you change the tyres, you may make significant strides to making your vehicle more adaptable.

For example, if you want to take your vehicle off-road, you may need a brand-new set of tyres. Of course, there can be other types of tyre specifications within that arena alone, so it’s best to do some independent research to see what you need.

Tyres are also something of a long-term investment. For example, they can:

  • Help you drive more safely – When you drive without incident, the need for car repairs will be drastically reduced.
  • Facilitate fuel efficiency – Know that tyres can be designed for energy saving purposes, producing low levels of rolling resistance and thereby reducing fuel consumption. You can slash emissions and potentially save on refuelling costs.
  • Be more durable – Some types of tyres are manufactured to last longer than others. Shop with the best brands, and you’ll need to make fewer replacements.

If you buy the right tyres, you can minimise many headaches in your life. As there are so many different ways you can benefit here, it would be wise to make these changes at the earliest opportunity.


There are many innovative ways to improve the performance of your vehicle. Much of it can come down to basic road safety, but this knowledge can fade away as road users build experience and become over-confident. Additionally, being eco-friendly should be a high priority, too. Even if you don’t want an all-electric vehicle just yet, you can still help in other ways. Ultimately, there’s always an opportunity to make your car’s performance more dynamic.

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