Buying a car is an exciting time, but you shouldn’t let your excitement cloud your judgement, and you shouldn’t make one of the following blunders – because motors are expensive!

Only buying a new car

This might seem like a weird thing to start with, but actually, it’s pretty sensible to think about whether you need to buy a new car at all. There are lots of used vehicles on the market, and there are plenty of leasing options at  Vavoom which could see you getting a better class of car for not much more per month when you look at the best deals. Basically, shop around, consider all forms of car ownership, and then you’ll be more likely to get the best deal.

Not working out a budget and sticking to it

Car ownership is an expensive business, so it would be a mistake to commit to a monthly payment you can’t afford. The worst case scenario is that your ride could be repossessed and any payments you’ve made get flushed down the toilet. So, work out how much you can realistically afford to spend, and stick to that limit.

Not checking out the best finance deals

If you’re buying your car on finance, don’t accept the first finance package offered to you at the dealership. Shop around, and the chances are you’ll find at least one or two deals that are more favourable to you. There’s no point spending more money than you have to, especially when a quick internet search can find you the best deals with no hassle.

Not haggling

Haggling can be a daunting prospect, but car dealers are used to this kind of negotiating, so asking them to knock a bit off the asking price won’t phase them. In fact, many of them are surprised if customers don’t haggle, so it may not be as difficult to get a good deal as you think.

Not factoring in the additionals

A mistake some people make when buying a car is not factoring in additional costs such as road tax and insurance. This can lead to them purchasing a motor that isn’t really affordable. So, be sure to check the CO2 emissions and the likely insurance costs of any given vehicle before signing on the dotted line.

If you can avoid making these common car buying mistakes, the chances are you’ll not only get the best deals but you’ll end up with the best possible car for your needs, too.

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