How much does the average person spend on their car? It’s hard to say as it depends on the vehicle and how much they need to drive every day. But, as a rule of thumb, if you were to ask anyone, they’d tell you that they are spending far too much on their motor. Surprisingly enough, most people believe their vehicle is too expensive. Does it mean, then, that it’s time to change it and save money?

Not especially. It means that most people want to improve the way they look after their money and reduce unnecessary costs. In other words, you can cut down your car expenses dramatically if you know what you’re doing. The secret to not wasting money is to avoid costly mistakes with a plan of action that makes you accountable. 

Can’t afford to insure it? Think again

Did you know that there are still too many drivers who choose to skip car insurance? The reason for their decision is usually monetary. Many believe they can save cash if they don’t insure their vehicle, which is clearly illegal and irresponsible. Sure, car insurance can be expensive – but things may be about to change. Motor insurers all over the world are driving their costs down during the pandemic. Therefore now’s the best time to change insurers or start a new contract. Indeed, skipping car insurance is a false economy that exposes you to higher costs. Invest in the right car cover for you so that you can feel protected on the road.  

Servicing prolongs your car lifetime

Who needs servicing? The answer is EVERYONE, and that includes you. Too many drivers don’t realise that car servicing can cut down repair costs and spot issues before it’s too late. It’s a good idea to book an annual service with a garage that works with your car manufacture and make. If you’ve got an Alfa Romeo, Italian car specialists are your best bet. Do you love Land Rovers? You need to find your local Land Rover service centre to keep your car in tiptop condition. There’s no secret: without servicing, your car can develop faults. Additionally, if you’re going to sell your vehicle, full service history can help to boost its value. Buyers are more likely to pay more for a car that has been looked after. 

Buy a Haynes manual 

Nobody expects you to become a mechanic overnight. However, every driver should spend some time getting familiar with their vehicle. No, it doesn’t mean just driving it. Do yourself a favour and invest in a car manual. Haynes car manuals are some of the most popular and comprehensive on the market. You can use them to learn how to perform simple fixes and repairs, such as changing your wheels or your brake pads. What’s more, the manual gives you enough insight into understanding when something feels wrong, so that you can get it repaired before it’s too late. The bottom line is you can save money with guided and achievable DIY work, and with troubleshooting information. 

Saving money on your car is not a matter of driving less. Sometimes it is about investing in the right tools and services for your motor. In the long run, car insurance, vehicle servicing, and car manuals can save you hundreds, if not thousands, of pounds.

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