Mummy Blogger Susan Mann

Mummy Blogger Susan Mann

ONE OF Britain’s top mummy bloggers – Susan Mann – has given a big thumbs up to Autogas LPG after saving a small fortune in just a week with an LPG powered car.

The highlight of her time with the Skoda Octavia courtesy of Autogas Limited was a weekend road trip from Scotland to London to attend Cybher, an influential blogging conference, when she saved more than £80 using Autogas LPG compared against filling up with diesel.

However, even when just using the car for the school run she still managed to save £11.50 in fuel costs in just a few days.

After her time with the car, Susan said: “We plan on replacing our car next year and we are seriously considering buying one already converted to run on LPG or getting the conversion done ourselves. For what it costs, we would make the money back in about a year and after that it’s all savings – and big savings at that.”

Typically, users of Autogas LPG can save up to 40 per cent annually on their fuel costs.

Paul Oxford, business development manager, Autogas Limited, said: “It’s fantastic to hear that Susan has loved her Autogas LPG car and saved almost £100 in fuel costs in just over a week. Her experience is typical of the other 160,000 car owners in the UK who have already converted and are enjoying significant savings at the pump every time they fill up.”

There’s already an established Autogas LPG refuelling network across the UK with currently some 1,400 sites.

Meanwhile, Susan concluded: “I have absolutely loved having an LPG converted car, I loved the car, I loved how it drove, I’ve loved the savings we’ve made and I’m sad to see it go.”

To read Susan’s blog about her time with the Autogas LPG car, visit


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