THE ECONOMIC downturn, coupled with greater awareness of greener motoring means car buying trends are moving with the times. According to an analysis of used car checks done with HPI during 2010, nearly 40% of all the cars it checked were small family cars, reflecting the demand for fuel efficiency and lower motoring costs for both families and those looking for a reasonably powerful, safe, second hand car.

However, it appears Mitsubishi can meet these requirements without the need for shopping in the used car market. Costing just £16,399 the Lancer 2.0 DI-D special edition Juro offers an outstanding price for customers in this “age of austerity”. It should appeal to anyone on a budget who wants a car with a strong, economical diesel engine, a five star safety rating and stacks of kit. In addition, with 165g/km CO2 emissions, this version of the Lancer falls into VED Band G – therefore qualifying for £155 1st Year rate VED. What’s more, the Lancer comes under insurance group 21E and costs just £315 for the comprehensive Mitsubishi Service Plan.

From the front, the car looks just like the legendary Lancer Evolution X, but on start up, it soon becomes clear that this Lancer is an oil burner, not a tarmac shredder. Also, the rear of the car is nowhere near as sexy as an Evo; the sportback styling, with rear spoiler, is too bulky for my liking, but it does offer great hatchback practicality. The boot is a good square shape and it’s big enough to swallow a folded pram, the week’s shopping and small items of luggage, all in one go.

The Juro’s cabin is a mixed bag. On one hand it’s obvious the cheapest plastics have been used on the dash and electric window switches, but on the other, the Mitsubishi has levels of equipment only found in far more expensive cars. Desirable specification, comprising a multimedia system and leather seats are the obvious plus points. But that’s not all; Garmin Satellite Navigation, Parrott Bluetooth, iPod connectivity and a reversing camera are fitted as standard. There are also factory-fitted steering wheel mounted controls. It’s quite a stunning amount of gear for the price.

As I indicated earlier, there is no mistaking this Mitsubishi for anything other than a diesel. The 2.0 DI-D unit is noisy. Very noisy. That said, the six-speed gearbox is slick and the engine pulls nicely without ever feeling out of puff. The car is also easy to drive and a piece of cake to park – thanks to good visibility and the useful reversing camera.

Some people might choose a used ‘prestige’ car for the £16,399 price tag and, yes, I have pointed out some of the downsides of the Lancer, but all things considered you can’t ignore what great value for money the new 2.0 turbodiesel Juro is.




  • Price
  • Equipment
  • Safety
  • Interior plastics X




  • Max speed: 127 mph
  • 0-62 mph: 9.6 secs
  • Combined mpg: 44.8
  • Engine layout: 1968cc 4 cylinder 16v Turbodiesel
  • Max. power (bhp): 138 at 4000 rpm
  • Max. torque (lb.ft): 228 at 1750 rpm
  • CO2: 165 g/km          
  • Price: £16,399 OTR
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